This album, which also features the immersive single “Wreckin Ball,” is a great first taste of what people can expect from Future Crisis Klub, and it should definitely be something to consider for fans of artists such as Royal Blood, Depeche Mode, Dead Rituals, Minus The Bear and Placebo, only to mention a few. Much like the aforementioned artists, Future Crisis Klub has the ability to transcend the usual genre definitions and go for something a lot more dynamic and understated to spice things up. This formula is a surefire win for the artist, as well as a great example of what it means to make great alternative rock music in this day and age.” -

Comprising 5 explosively nineties-eque nostalgic rock hooks, the EP compels listeners to turn up the volume as each song creates an unforgettable impact on them. There is an inherent simplicity that gives the tracks a familiar buzz along with hypnotic electric guitar riffs that awe with their complexity while also etching themselves permanently into the minds of the audience.” - Jennifer Stone

The more I listen to the track, the more I discover cool parts, such as the electric guitar lines, which offer a nostalgic, retro late 1980s/ early 1990s feeling. Regarding music influences, my mind goes back to the melodic Punk of the Ramones and the Alternative Rock scene of that era, especially due to the production from an aesthetic point of view. The production sounds clear and balanced, and the audio mix includes all these dreamy reverb effects that make you live the rock ‘n’ roll fantasy of the band. Moreover, the orchestration is based on the famous guitar-bass-drums direction; however, if you listen carefully, you will find interesting and smart music parts that, if you could isolate them, you could record a cool album full of hits!” - Skylight Magazine

Skylight Webzine

Its blend of smooth melodics, spiralling guitar lines, relentless groove and brooding nature is the perfect opening statement for Future Crisis Klub’s eponymous album. It takes in gentle, dark balladry with Beautiful and Obscene, pounding alt-rock courtesy of The Refugee, staccato and raw-edged grunge via Admit It and rounds off with I Was Wrong, a slow-burning ballad that evolves into an epic, anthemic, fist-in-the-air slice of stadium brilliance. Pick up this smart, sassy, solid and seductive quintet of songs as soon as possible. You need this record in your life.” - Dave Franklin

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Future Crisis Klub consists of five tracks. It’s an experience that turns out to be a rewarding experience given the craftsmanship of the songwriting and production. The songs have a rugged edge amid charming melodies and powerful vocal performances. This is certainly a project for rock music purists and fans of organic sound. Future Crisis Klub is an important work of art for a post-pandemic world.” - Warlock Asylum



FUTURE CRISIS KLUB is the Alt Rock project of frontman Kris Degaust. Kris formally fronted Canadian Alt Rock/Post Grunge acts Good Nite Irene and Rabbit during the 90s AND early 2000s respectively, currently based in Oakland California. Working on material through the pandemic and reworking some existing songs, Kris decided to come back after a 13 year hiatus. The Album was Recorded at the world famous Sunset Sound studio in LA and produced by Joe Chiccarelli whose credits include such artists as Beck, U2, The Strokes, The Killers, Elton John, The Shins, The White Stripes, Morrissey, Alanis Morrisette and countless more. Featuring Studio Veterans including Sean Hurely (bass), Victor Indrizzo (drums), Lyle Workman (guitar). Also featured in the project are talented artists Carmen Vandenberg - Bones UK (guitar), Derek Day - Classless Act (b/vocals), and Jarrod Gorbel (b/vocals). The first 5 song, self-title EP is available on most streaming platforms.


Tinderbox Music  

Brandon Day 

Going for adds
31 Jan 2023

Self-Titled EP

Wreckin Ball (3:55)  
Beautiful and Obscene (4:29) 
The Refugee (3:24) 
Admit It (3:56) 
I Was Wrong (4:26)

Recommended Tracks
Wrecking Ball
Beautiful and Obscene

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